Why Martinworks?

Since 1996, Martinworks has been licensing Canadian music to international film and television productions. We are, and always have been, a unique boutique. We handpick compositions out of thousands of submissions that suit visuals for broadcast.

Now we have opened our doors to include broadcast, non broadcast and specialized use, and are offering discounted pricing for those who may not need to pay for unnecessary licenses. We also offer lower rates for radio, Public Service announcements, short films, schools and registered charity use. There are four (4) fixed prices per song for each level of intended use. See the Rate card for further details. At Martinworks it’s all about finding a good home for a good song.

Brief History of Martinworks

1996Martinworks Publishing starts with a handful of local Toronto composers, all signed to SOCAN, and begins to license the library to Film and Television. Founder Paul Martin works as a production accountant for Lionsgate films.
2001With over 25 writers on board, building up credits with many placements in broadcast, Martinworks grows its catalog to include over 14 hours of Canadian content music for public licensing.
2002Martinworks travels abroad to canvas the UK and signs up with the BBC library and Sounds Effects Library UK for foreign licensing and continues to increase the Canadian library.
2003Martinworks heads south to canvas the United States and while there, secures the flow through payment relationship between BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN for the royalties due to its Canadian roster of artists.
2005Martinworks creates one of the first single song download websites reaching into the worldwide market, exposing Canadian content for licensing.
2006The website receives hits from over 30 countries and the library grows to over 40 composers.
2008The film industry has an economic downturn. The entire industry reconfigures into a new model.
2010Martinworks increases to over 50 composers and keeps rolling with the punches.
2015In the 20th year of operation, Martinworks has expanded and continues to pump new blood into the passion of presenting original Canadian Music to the world.
2016Martinworks' catalogue continues to grow with the addition of 50 new vocal and 70 instrumental songs.
2017Martinworks doubled its roster in the first quarter of 2017 compared with two years previous.


  • CBC
  • ING Direct
  • Remax
  • Honda
  • Budweiser
  • Bell 3d Channel
  • Bell Express Vu infomercial
  • Big Brothers
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Ontario Lottery
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Aegon Insurance
  • Leon's Furniture
  • McLean Auto Dealer Awards
  • Kelsey's Bar and Grill
  • Niagara Reinforcement project
  • BIM Vacuum Cleaners HTL Dental Promo Video
  • Barlow TV Radio
  • BMFL Flyover (England)
  • Cellphone Advertising
  • Fonebook.ca
  • and more... (we simply don't want to list everything we've ever done.)

MARTINWORKS has also donated its music catalog to six respected Canadian Film Schools across the country giving the next generation of filmmakers exposure to good Canadian content to work with.

Why MartinWorks?
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