Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, But you quickly have to log-in first. We answer to our writers so we need to know who is listening.
No. You are only allowed to use within the rights granted in your license level.
We have 3 file formats available for download: WAV, AIFF and HIGH QUALITY mp3 (320KBPS)
The industry standard is WAV or AIFF, however we offer High resolution MP3s for small file online use.
We offer discounted rates for bulk license purchases of 10, 20 or 25 tracks.
Contact us and we're confident we'll be able to work something out.
Yes - there are currently over 50 writers on the Martinworks roster, many of who compose for film and TV. Contact us and let us know your needs. We'll take it from there.
We update our catalog regularly. It takes a bit of time to receive, review, select, register new works and upload the compositions.
Martinworks can provide specially composed music. Contact us to discuss further.


With Level One you are getting the right to use your purchase for personal, in house and website use. Level Two provides all rights, Master, Synch and Mechanical licenses including rights for project promotion and multimedia broadcasting. See our Rate Card for more details.
Purchased files will be available via a unique time-sensitive and secure download link that will be sent to the customer in an email once the transaction is completed.
Level One license gives the right to distribute the project over the internet. Please see our Rate Card.
This a Level Two purchase with additional rights for broadcast. Please see our Rate Card.
Yes. Level Two allows rights for the first 10,000 units made. For each subsequent manufacturing of 10,000 units, an additional license purchase is required.
Aside from Radio, Registered Charities and public service announcements this is a Level Two license. See our Rate Card
We are set up through the Paypal system where credit cards are also accepted. Contacting us for offline purchasing is also an option.
Yes, you do obtain a license agreement and receipt. Both will be sent to via email to address in your account. You can also print them after the purchase process in the My Orders section.
All prices are tax included. There are no additional charges.
The music is being licensed worldwide so we are using the industry standard of US currency.
No. Unfortunately we can’t offer a refund as there is no way to determine whether the music was used once it has been downloaded.
No. The ownership is always with the writer and the publisher. You are licensing a copy to synchronize to your project.
Level One licenses are for internet-based uses only. Level Two licenses are for all broadcast uses. For further information, please refer to the Rate Card and the sample license agreement.
In perpetuity when synchronized to a visual. No renewals or extra charges are necessary.
No. You have purchased the music for one use/project only and as such is non transferrable.
You can resell the visual works that the composition is synched with. You cannot resell the song on its own.
Level Two allows you to make multiple copies to sell or distribute up to 10,000 units.


A personal account will enable you to create playlists to gather song choices and narrow your choices. You also need an account to download preview MP3s and/or license for a project.
Yes. All information is secure and private. We are also on a server that does not sell statistics to 3rd party companies.
You must create a user account in order to fully access all of the website features.
Wav and AIFF are the full range version but High resolution MP3 may be more suitable for your website and online requirements.
The file size is dependent on the length of the composition and requested format. We provide you with the best possible audio for initial download. You have the right to compress the file(s) to suit your need once purchased.
In our case, ‘alt’ means alternative mix or alternative vocal. The #2 after each song means it is the instrumental or ‘vocal out’ version to a vocal song by the same title.


There are two pricing levels based on your needs. The lower price, Level One limits your rights to internet and website only. Have a look at the Rate Card for more details.
A license permits the synchronization to your specific project, however it may be used multiple times within that project.
It is the limited right to broadcast on the internet but not through other licensed broadcasters such as TV.
It’s the right to make one copy (plus one safety copy) of a recorded musical work.
The right to synchronize the purchased musical works with a visual file (or audio file in the case of radio commericals.)
Copyright free music allows the right to make a copy for free. Martinworks does not provide copyright free music.
Music that doesn’t require any additional costs by the licensee or licensor. The licensor never pays royalties – this is an obligation for the end user such as the broadcasters.
These are the societies that collect the broadcasting royalties from the stations that use music in their programming. Performing Rights Organizations and Locations: See world list of PROs.
In order for the artist to receive their royalties from broadcasted works, cue sheets need to be created and sent to SOCAN (in Canada) BMI, ASCAP or SESAC (in the US). Click here for SOCAN cue sheets for Canadian Content.
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